Presenter: JoAnna Hillman, Adam Handen and Adam Roth


JoAnna Hillman, MPH, Doctoral Fellow

Title: Improving Situational Awareness in a High-Burden Labor and Delivery Suite in Malawi

Presenter: Constantin Aliferis, MD, PhD, FACMI

Abstract:  This talk will address how advances in Machine Learning, especially used within a “Big Data” paradigm and exploiting new data generation and capture capabilities, are positioned to catalyze radical advances of Medical Science and the transformation of Healthcare.

Presenter: Arturo Lopez Pineda, MS

Abstract:  In this era of precision medicine, understanding the epigenetic differences in lung cancer subtypes could lead to personalized therapies by possibly reversing these alterations. Traditional methods for analyzing microarray data rely on the use of known pathways. We propose a novel workflow, called Junction trees to Knowledge (J2K) framework, for creating interpretable graphical representations that can be derived directly from in silico analysis of microarray data.

Presenter: Amit Archarya, BDS, MS, PhD

Amit Acharya, BDS, MS, PhD
Director, Institute for Oral and Systemic Health
Director, Dental Informatics Postdoctoral Training Program
Dental Informatics Scientist | Associate Research Scientist

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation