DBMI Support

As you may know, our department contracts with Pitt Information Technology to provide on-site IT consultants (i.e. Bill Best) who help to support our faculty and staff while also assisting with our unit’s IT initiatives.

·         Ensures requests are routed as efficiently as possible to the individual or group who can best address them. Often that may be our own consultant, but other times it may be another Pitt IT professional. The Help Desk makes certain your request makes it to the right person, right away.

·         Enables your request to be tracked more easily. Tracking helps to ensure timely resolution of your issue and makes it easier for additional support staff to be quickly brought up to speed on a case when needed.

·         Facilitates more in-depth support. Allowing the 24/7 IT Help Desk to answer some more routine questions frees up our consultants’ time to focus on strategic initiatives and in-depth troubleshooting.

1.            Computer purchases/replacements (laptop, desktop, monitor)

2.            Electronic accessories purchases/replacements (webcam, sound bar, keyboard, mouse, cables)

3.            Software purchases (Adobe license, Creative Cloud, etc.)

4.            Network drive access (new drive requests)

5.            Sponsored Outlook access requests

6.            Request to relocate desktop computers

7.            Ricoh network printer access

8.            Telephone line – TSR request

The new POD system will utilize SALESFORCE Access Requests.  The Help Desk should be contacted for the following:

1.            Pitt site issues (my.pitt.edu, PRISM, Pitt Worx, etc.)

 PLEASE check their website at https://www.technology.pitt.edu/ for known campus-wide issues being addressed by Pitt IT

2.            Hardware troubleshooting (black screen, computer crashes, etc.)

3.            Software issues (Outlook, Adobe, Teams, Zoom, etc.)