Postgraduate Research Fellowship Program

The Department of Biomedical Informatics offers a traditional non-degree postdoctoral research fellowship only to those with doctoral degrees specifically in informatics or very closely related fields. Some previous training in computer science is highly desirable. Research fellows are expected to join or establish a research project and to collaborate on that project with a University faculty member (see Biomedical Informatics Research Opportunities).

Postdoctoral applicants whose backgrounds are not in informatics, and who do want to pursue a masters or doctoral degree, should apply to the Biomedical Informatics Certificate Program. Such research fellows will be expected to fulfill all of the requirements of the Biomedical Informatics Certificate Program, including coursework. Requests to waive any certificate requirement, including coursework, will be considered, based on an individual applicant’s background and previous education; if a waiver is granted, the student will be required to select a substitute biomedical informatics elective course in order to fulfill the 15-credit requirement.