Master’s Program

Master’s Degree Curriculum

To earn the Master’s degree in Biomedical Informatics, a trainee must complete a program of study approved by a committee of biomedical informatics faculty. This program must include successful completion of:

  • (a) the required coursework;
  • (b) a research project involving significant research, design, or development work and a written report; and
  • (c) a comprehensive examination composed by the Master’s committee.

Master’s Comprehensive Exam

A key element of the program is a research project with two key deliverables:

  • (1) the writing and submission (to the Training Program, via their master’s project committee) of a paper of publishable quality based upon the research and
  • (2) the completion of an oral examination on its contents (which satisfy the Master’s Comprehensive Examination requirement). 

Research Project Requirements

A master’s project committee will oversee the student’s research progress, including the oral comprehensive examination. Under the guidance of his/her research advisor, a student will:

  • choose a topic,
  • convene a committee,
  • develop a proposal, and discuss it with the project committee in a proposal meeting before the end of the first term of the second year of full-time master’s study.