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Robyn Reed

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Personal Statement

Like many people before me, my path to Biomedical Informatics was unique.  My education in science led to work in laboratory research before deciding to change careers.  Wanting to apply my scientific knowledge to another field, I completed my MLIS degree at Pitt and was fortunate enough to be selected for admission to the NLM-funded Biomedical Informatics and Health Sciences Librarianship Traineeship. The Biomedical Informatics certificate program allowed me to develop a solid understanding of clinical informatics and see first-hand how library and information science play an active role in medicine.  The novel combination of coursework, research projects, conference presentations, and working in the Falk library during my year of training provided me with a firm foundation for my new position in biomedical informatics librarianship.  The interdisciplinary Biomedical Informatics training program teaches students the skills and knowledge that are required for success in the expanding and evolving information and medical fields.  I look forward to bringing those skills to a leading biomedical environment.


Robyn currently is an Associate Librarian (with tenure) at the Harrell Health Sciences Library at Penn State College of Medicine. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the State University of New York, Fredonia. She earned her M.A. in Pharmacology at SUNY, Buffalo, her M.L.I.S. (Library & Information Science), as well as her Biomedical Informatics and Health Sciences Librarianship Traineeship certificate at the University of Pittsburgh. More recently she completed a certificate in Business Analytics from Penn State University.


Medical Library Association speaker award, New Voices Section, Medical Library Association (MLA) Annual Meeting 2011, Minneapolis, MN
Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP), Distinguished Level, Medical Library Association (MLA)

Selected Publications

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