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William Reynolds

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Neuroimaging informatics and applications of machine learning in medical imaging.

Doctoral Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics
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BS (2015, Molecular Biology) University of Pittsburgh



Ceschin, R., Zahner, A., Reynolds, W., Gaesser, J., Zuccoli, G., Lo, C. W., … Panigrahy, A. (2018). A computational framework for the detection of subcortical brain dysmaturation in neonatal MRI using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks. NeuroImage, 178, 183–197.

Kruszka, P., Tanpaiboon, P., Neas, K., Crosby, K., Berger, S. I., Martinez, A. F., … Muenke, M. (2017). Loss of function in ROBO1 is associated with tetralogy of Fallot and septal defects. Journal of Medical Genetics, 54(12), 825–829.

Liu, X., Kim, A. J., Reynolds, W., Wu, Y., & Lo, C. W. (2017). Phenotyping cardiac and structural birth defects in fetal and newborn mice. Birth Defects Research, 109(10), 778–790.

Liu, X., Yagi, H., Saeed, S., Bais, A. S., Gabriel, G. C., Chen, Z., … Genet, N. (2017). The complex genetics of hypoplastic left heart syndrome HHS Public Access Author manuscript. Nat Genet, 49(7), 1152–1159.

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