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Luca Calzoni

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Doctoral Candidate, Department of Biomedical Informatics

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MD (2014, Medicine) Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

MS (2018, Biomedical Informatics) University of Pittsburgh

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My expertise lies at the intersection of Medicine, Computing, and Business: my passion is to help shape the future of clinical research, innovation, and data analytics in healthcare.  As a physician with advanced clinical training, expertise in biomedical informatics and hands-on business experience, I understand the challenges clinicians, researchers, organizations, and entrepreneurs face in the increasingly digitalized healthcare system. I have a proven record of managing healthcare innovation projects from concept to completion, designing research strategies, building relationships, and facilitating the adoption of healthcare technologies. I have worked on a broad spectrum of Public Health and Clinical Informatics projects, including: the development and testing of an EMR system, and the facilitation of its introduction in a healthcare facility; the implementation of an optical mark-recognition system for pain medication monitoring; the development and evaluation of a Learning EMR that uses Machine Learning models to predict and highlight on screen the most relevant data for each patient. I’m open to work in Artificial Intelligence Researcher, User Experience Researcher, Data Scientist, Healthcare Information Technology Consultant and Innovation Consultant roles.


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