Data Warehousing & Informatics Resources

DBMI faculty support secondary research use of clinical data, and manage data for biological and clinical research, and participate in local, regional and national efforts for reuse of EHR data. DBMI has contributed to the formation and ongoing success of national clinical data research networks. Other clinical research informatics efforts include the development of tools for extracting patient summaries

from clinical notes and building interactive tools to use those summaries for cancer research, development of NLP tools for use by state cancer registries, and analysis of OHDSI retrospective data for pharmacovigilance.

DBMI faculty lead the implementation of a research data warehouse that provides data from UPMC’s electronic health records and additional related sources to researchers across campus. COVID-related efforts include developing a COVID ontology for the national Accrual of patients to Clinical Trials network, aiding in COVID-19 EHR data acquisition and harmonization for N3C, collaborating in EHR data analyses in 4CE, and provisioning EHR data for COVID-19 surveillance to Allegheny County, PA and to the CDC.


Sample Publications:

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