Application Process and Requirements

All individuals applying to the Biomedical Informatics Degree Program must use the following procedures for preparing and submitting an application:

Application Fee –
A $50.00 application fee required. Please pay by credit card, check or money order made out to the University of Pittsburgh and mail to the address found below. If the fee is prohibitive, we may be able to waiver the application fee.  Please contact Toni Porterfield at

Your application must include the following:

Personal Statement –
Please indicate the basis of your interest in graduate study. The Personal Statement is required to address four items: 

(a)  A brief summary of your background in all relevant fields, to include at least medicine and computer science. Although it is not necessary that an applicant have backgrounds in medicine or computer science, it helps the admissions committee to determine any prerequisites that you might be required to take before or shortly thereafter being accepted into the program.  It is highly encouraged that applicants have some computer programming knowledge in C, C++ and/or JAVA language before entering the program.  Describe your research experiences and any hypotheses and results that were generated in your experimental work. Provide dates, research advisors, and project titles.

(b)  A statement of your educational goals and how they would be advanced through participation in the training program.

(c)  A statement of your career objectives, both short and long term. When preparing the short-term portion of your statement, please be specific regarding any projects you may have in mind that could contribute to the success of your biomedical informatics training.

(d) A statement of your writing ability.  Indicate how well you perceive your writing ability to be at this time.  State how you will improve on your current writing ability to meet the requirements of rigorous research-based technical papers.

Academic Documents – Transcripts –
Please note that documents submitted to the University of Pittsburgh become the property of the University and cannot be returned to the applicant under any circumstances. 

Domestic Applicants –
Official academic records from all institutions attended are required.

Deadlines –
All materials listed above must be received by December 15, 2023 for Fall 2024 predoctoral admission consideration and February 1, 2024 for Fall 2024 postdoctoral scholar/researcher admission consideration.

Applications received after that date can be considered, contingent upon the availability of unallocated trainee positions.