Presenter: Joel Saltz, PhD
Presenter: Lifan Liang, MS & Menna Abaye, BA
Presenter: Pritika Dasgupta, MS & Yifan Xue, MS
Presenter: Jenna Schabdach,MS & Rob Handzel, MD
Presenter: Sanjay Joshi

There has been a lot of hype recently regarding AI and Healthcare. Sanjay will present an introduction to a use-case based approach for AI in Healthcare -- he will cover the broad categories of Financial, Operational and Clinical use-cases with Security as an envelope use-case. The learning objectives are practical business oriented Machine Learning and Deep Learning with specific focus on the data and processes involved.

Presenter: Li Shen, PhD

Imaging genomics is an emerging data science field, where integrative analysis of imaging and omics data is performed to provide new insights into the phenotypic characteristics and genetic mechanisms of normal or disordered biological structures and functions, and to impact the development of new diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative approaches.

Presenter: Judith Klein-Seetharaman, PhD

Technology to collect and analyse data relating to human health and behaviour will increasingly become a part of everyday life. For the first time, human kind has the opportunity to “time-travel” but not in a mechanical device but through simulation that will allow representations of the past (e.g.

Presenter: Spring Break
Presenter: Heng Huang, PhD

Data science is accelerating the translation of biological and biomedical data to advance the detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, including the recently announced BRAIN and Precision Medicine initiatives.