Spring 2019 Department of Biomedical Informatics Colloquium Series

Location: The Offices at Baum Room 407A/B

Date Time Presenter Affiliation Website Title
01/11/2019 11a - 12pm MIchelle Kienholz University of PIttsburgh How the NIH Can Help You Get Funded
01/18/2019 11am - 12pm Adam Handen, MS Vascular Medicine Institute, University of Pittsburgh https://www.sychanlab.pitt.edu/ Medical Informatics and Bioinformatics on Pulmonary Hypertension: MARS, miRs, and the Interactome
01/25/2019 11am - 12pm Sofia Triantafillou, PhD Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh https://www.dbmi.pitt.edu/node/54091 Logic-based Integrative Causal Discovery
02/01/2019 11am - 12pm Richard Boyce, PhD Department of Biomedical Informatics https://www.dbmi.pitt.edu/person/richard-boyce-phd Sharable contextualized potential drug-drug interaction clinical decision support
02/08/2019 11am - 12pm Srinivasan Suresh, MD, MBA, FAAP UPMC Children's Hospital of PIttsburgh http://www.chp.edu/find-a-doctor/service-providers/srinivasan-suresh-204198 Informatics in Pediatrics: Applications in Value Based Care
02/15/2019 11am - 12pm Rita Singh, PhD Carnegie Mellon University http://mlsp.cs.cmu.edu/people/rsingh/index.php Profiling Humans from Their Voice
02/22/2019 11am - 12pm Hosein Mohimani, PhD Carnegie Mellon University http://mohimanilab.cbd.cmu.edu/ Discovering novel peptide natural products by integrating computational mass spectrometry and genome mining
03/01/2019 11am - 12pm Sandra Kane-Gill, PharmD, MS, FCCM, FCCP School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh http://www.pharmacy.pitt.edu/directory/profile.php?profile=63 Impact of Pharmacy Services Using Telemedicine and Clinical Decision Support in Skilled Nursing Facilities
03/08/2019 11am - 12pm Hatice Osmanbeyoglu, PhD Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh https://www.dbmi.pitt.edu/node/54067 Predictive gene regulatory models for precision medicine
03/15/2019 11am - 12pm No Colloquium Spring Break
03/22/2019 11am - 12pm Deepika Mohan, MD, MPH Department of Critical Care Medicine & Surgery, Unversity of Pittsburgh http://www.oacd.health.pitt.edu/node/785 How do doctors think? Using video games to change physician behavior.
03/29/2019 11am - 12pm Qi Yan, PhD Pediatrics, University of Pittsburgh/Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh http://www.pitt.edu/~qiy17/ Multi-omics data analysis in asthma in Puerto Rican Children
04/05/2019 11am - 12pm Reza Dadashzadeh & Lauren Rost Non-Operative Management for Incisional Hernias: Lessons Learned from a Large Single-Institution Descriptive Analysis (Reza) and What to recommend when you’re recommending: an investigation into antibiotic prescription guidelines (Lauren)
04/12/2019 11am - 12pm Jinling Liu & Ryan Hausler Explicit Representation of Protein Activity States Significantly Improves Causal Discovery of Protein Phosphorylation Networks (Jinling) and A Radiogenomics Approach to Predicting Immune and Stromal Cell Line Invasion in Breast Cancer Lesions (Ryan)
04/19/2019 11am - 12pm Greg Cooper, MD, PhD Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh https://www.dbmi.pitt.edu/person/gregory-cooper-md-phd Instance-Specific Causal Bayesian Network Learning