Spring 2018 Department of Biomedical Informatics Colloquium Series

Location: The Offices at Baum Room 407A/B

Date Time Presenter Title
01/12/2018 11a - 12pm Bennett Landman, PhD, Vanderbilt University Wrangling Big Data Radiology with Medical Image Processing and High-Performance Computing
01/19/2018 11am - 12pm Thomas Polzin, PhD, M*Modal Engaging Physicians Towards Better Care Using Artificial Intelligence
01/26/2018 11am - 12pm Faina Linkov, PhD, MPH Biomedical Informatics and Translational Epidemiology: Marriage Made in Heaven?
02/02/2018 11am - 12pm Yalini Senathirajah, PhD Clinician in the Driver's Seat: New Approaches to Health Information Technologies
02/09/2018 11am - 12pm Anita Bandrowski, PhD RRIDs, a means toward scientific rigor and reproducibility
02/16/2018 11am - 12pm No Lecture Doctoral Preliminary Exam
02/23/2018 11am - 12pm Heng Huang, PhD Large-Scale Machine Learning Algorithms for Biomedical Data Science
03/02/2018 11am - 12pm No Lecture No Lecture- Rescheduled PhD Preliminary Exam
03/09/2018 11am - 12pm Spring Break No Lecture
03/16/2018 11am - 12pm Judith Klein-Seetharaman, PhD Computational Metainteractomics
03/23/2018 11am - 12pm Li Shen, PhD Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Strategies for Brain Imaging Genomics
03/30/2018 11am - 12pm Sanjay Joshi AI and Healthcare: A Data and Process Approach
04/06/2018 11am - 12pm Jenna Schabdach,MS & Rob Handzel, MD Using Prealignment in Global Volume Registration to Reduce Motion in rs-fMRIs (Jenna) and Machine Learning: The Big Picture and My Experience with Predicting Readmissions After Ileostomy Creation (Rob)
04/13/2018 11am - 12pm Yifan Xue, MS & Pritika Dasgupta, MS Learning Informative Features for Predicting Patient Outcome Through Mining Tumor-Specific Causal Networks (Yifan) & "You can tell by the way I use my walk." Predicting the presence of cognitive load with gait measurements.(Pritika)
04/20/2018 11am - 12pm Lifan Liang, MS & Menna Abaye, BA Random Walks on Multiplex: A Simple Approach for Integrative Functional Module Identification (Lifan) and Reducing patient wait time: modeling the impact of an intervention at an outpatient clinic in Malawi (Menna)
04/27/2018 11am - 12pm Joel Saltz, PhD Digital Pathology: Precision Medicine, Deep Learning and Computer Aided Interpretation