Fall 2017 Department of Biomedical Informatics Colloquium Series

Location: The Offices at Baum Room 407A/B

Date Time Presenter Title
09/01/2017 11am - 12pm Victoria Khersonsky IT @ DBMI (students and postdocs only)
09/08/2017 11am - 12pm Jonathan Silverstein, PhD CRIO definitions and localization at Pitt, informed by the experience of University of Pittsburgh’s first Chief Research Informatics Officer (CRIO)
09/15/2017 11am - 12pm Sofia Triantafyllou, PhD Logic-Based Causal Discovery
09/22/2017 11am - 12pm Satrajit Ghosh, PhD Application of Machine Learning to Brain Imaging and Psychiatry
09/29/2017 11am - 12pm Dennis Kostka, PhD Genome-wide Enhancer Maps Differ Significantly in Genomic Distribution, Evolution, and Function
10/06/2017 11am - 12pm Cui Tao, PhD Applying Ontology and Semantic Web Technologies to Biomedical Research
10/13/2017 11am - 12pm Doug Landsittel, PhD A Decision Tool for Causal Inference and Observational Data Analysis Methods in Comparative Effectiveness Research (DECODE CER)
10/20/2017 11am - 12pm Lang Li, PhD Translational Biomedical Informatics Research in Drug Interaction
10/27/2017 11am - 12pm James Faeder, PhD Computational Modeling of Cell Decision Processes
11/03/2017 11am - 12pm Cancelled
11/10/2017 11am - 12pm Kimberly Basile & Dan Ricketts Remote Virtual Computing for Health Services Research: An introduction to the HSRDC
11/17/2017 11am - 12pm Martin Styner, PhD Predicting Autism from Cortical Surface Data: Insights from the Infant Brain Imaging Study (IBIS)
11/24/2017 11am - 12pm No Lecture HOLIDAY
12/01/2017 11am - 12pm Uma Chandran, PhD Genomics Data Analysis Services - Genomics Analysis Core (GAC) and Cancer Bioinformatics Service (CBS)
12/08/2017 11am - 12pm Aaron Barchowsky, PhD Why does an environmental health scientist need bioinformatics to improve public health?