Research Projects and Collaborations


09/01/2009 to 08/31/2014
University of Pittsburgh Center for Advanced Study of Informatics in Public Health (CASIPH)

The purpose of this project is to establish a center at the University of Pittsburgh that brings together a diverse group of investigators to develop, validate, and translate methods for early detection and characterization of disease outbreaks; the project will emphasize the translation and dissemination of advanced surveillance technology for use by state and local public health agencies.

CASIPH project- the Trisano-CASIPH project collaboration

Trisano is the open source NEDSS solution that Dr. Espino’s team is extending for use by Allegheny County Department of Health and Tarrant County Health.  


12/14/2009 to 12/19/2010
Biosurveillance Algorithms and Decision Environments

The objective of this project is to investigate and develop applications that explore biosurveillance informatics that focus on disease mobility models.  

09/30/2008 to 09/02/2012
Decision Making in Biosurveillance

The major objective of this research is to advance the use of decision analysis in biosurveillance.

01/01/2008 to 06/30/2011
PA Biosurveillance

The purpose of the project is to maintain and expand the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s public health surveillance system