Human Computer Interaction and Evaluation

Friedman's "fundamental theorem" of biomedical informatics states that the combination of human intelligence and information resources is more powerful than human intelligence alone. Realizing the potential benefits of this combination requires careful attention to the design and evaluation of user interfaces that will help users maximize the utility of information resources. Harry Hochheiser, PhD uses techniques of contextual inquiry and prototyping to develop bioinformatics interfaces for the FaceBase project. In collaboration with Steve Handler, MD, PhD, Dr. Hochheiser is exploring human-computer interaction issues related to geriatric care, including evaluation of drug delivery systems (with support of the PA Department of Aging) and the re-engineering of rounding reports. Claudia Mello-Thoms, PhD uses eye-tracking and cognitive techniques to study the behavior of radiologists in analyzing images. Other HCI related efforts include Rebecca Jacobson's evaluations of medical tutoring systems, and Titus Schleyer's work in dental informatics and online communities for researchers.