Learning high-dimensional directed acyclic graphs with mixed data-types

Andrews B, Ramsey J, Cooper GF.  Learning high-dimensional directed acyclic graphs with mixed data-types. Proceedings of Machine Learning Research 2019 Aug; 104: 4-21. PMID: 31453569 PMCID: PMC6709674

In recent years, great strides have been made for causal structure learning in the high-dimensional setting and in the mixed data-type setting when there are both discrete and continuous variables. However, due to the complications involved with modeling continuous-discrete variable interactions, the intersection of these two settings has been relatively understudied. The current paper explores the problem of efficiently extending causal structure learning algorithms to high-dimensional data with mixed data-types. First, we characterize a model over continuous and discrete variables. Second, we derive a degenerate Gaussian (DG) score for mixed data-types and discuss its asymptotic properties. Lastly, we demonstrate the practicality of the DG score on learning causal structures from simulated data sets.

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Andrews B, Ramsey J, Cooper GF.
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