Han Zhang, BS, MA

Research Interests: 

Previous work was about semi-supervised machine learning, noninvasive prenatal test and copy number variations. My current research interests are statistical learning, computational cancer genomics, immunotherapy and precision medicine. Specifically, I’m interested in developing computational and statistical tools for sequencing-based genomics study.

Doctoral Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics
Academic Advisor: 

Statement of career objectives:  Tenure-track professor and start and startup in digital healthcare



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Hutson, N., Zhan, F., Graham, J., Murakami, M., Zhang, H., Ganaparti, S., Hu, Q., Yan, L., Ma, C., Liu, S., Xie, J., Wei, L. An adaptive method of defining negative mutation status for multi-sample comparison using next-generation sequencing. (In revision)


Google Scholar:  https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=xzacPQUAAAAJ&hl=en