Congratulations to our students who successfully defended doctoral and master's projects

Congratulations to our students who successfully defended doctoral dissertations recently:

Eric Von Strobl, “Causal Discovery Under NonStationary Feedback,” 6/23/17

Arielle Marie Fisher, “User-centered Design and Evaluation of RxMagic: A Prescription Management and General Inventory Control System for Free Clinic Dispensaries,” 7/11/17

Rafael Ceschin, “A Computational Framework for Neonatal Brain MRI Structure Segmentation and Classification,” 10/26/17

Andrew King, “The Development and Evaluation of a Learning Electronic Medical Record System,” 7/13/18

Jose Posada Aguilar, “Semantics Enhanced Deep Learning Medical Text Classifier,” 7/23/18

Joyeeta Dutta-Moscato, “A Bayesian Approach to Learning Decision Trees for Patient Specific Models,” 8/9/18

Brian Liu, “Precision Critical Care Management of Blood Pressure in Stroke Patients Using Dynamic Linear Models,” 8/17/18

Congratulations to our students who successfully defended master’s research projects recently:

Sanghoon Lee, “Modeling miRNA-mRNA Interactions that Cause Phenotypic Abnormality in Breast Cancer Patients,” 4/28/17

Chandra Rathnam, “Supervised deep neural network prediction of ubiquitination sites using physicochemical properties of protein sequences,” 6/18/17

Sam Rosko, “Should drug compendia editors report drug interacations established using pre-clinical in vitro data? – An empirical evlauation,” 6/21/17

Saja Al-Alawneh, “Classification of Radiology and Pathology Findings to Support a Breast Imaging QA/QI System,” 12/15/17

Xueer Chen, “Systematic Identification of Somatic Genome Alterations that Intrinsically Regulate Tumor Immune Micro-environment,” 12/15/17

Pritika Dasgupta, “You Can Tell by the Way I Use My Walk. Predicting the Presence of Congitive Load with Gait Measurements,” 12/17/17

Jenna Schabdach, “Use of Prealignment for Series Registration to Recover Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Data Degraded by Motion,” 3/27/18

Timothy Mtonga, “Standardizing the Representation of Medications for Low-resource Settings,” 4/10/18

Menna Abaye, “Reducing Patient Waiting Time: Modeling the Impact of an Intervention on an Outpatient Clinic in Malawi,” 4/12/18

Rob Handzel, MD, “Machine Learning in Surgery: Predicting Readmission after Ileostomy,” 5/24/18

Yifan Xue, “Learning informative features for predicting outcome through mining tumor-specific casual networks,” 6/19/18