Lauren Rost, BA

Research Interests: 

Clinical Informatics, Machine Learning, Electronic Health Record Mining, Pharmacogenomics, Major Depressive Disorder


Doctoral Student, Department of Biomedical Informatics

Research Advisor: 
Academic Advisor: 


BA (2015, Biology) St. Mary's College

MS (2019, Biomedical Informatics) University of Pittsburgh

Statement of career objectives:  I want to be on the forefront of translating innovative biomedical informatics solutions to clinical care. I want to be a part of making use of the observational data within the electronic health record to learn from instances of poor health outcomes, so that we can improve care for subsequent individuals in a more personalized approach. I seek to be a data scientist or biomedical informatician in a fast-paced and collaborative environment, where I will learn from my superiors and grow my leadership and facilitation skills to one day become a CRIO.


Rost, L. M., M. T. Nguyen, C. J. Clancy, R. K. Shields, and E. S. Wright. Discordance among antibiotic prescription guidelines reflects a lack of clear best practices. In review.


Hoskins, J., A. Ibrahim, M. A. Emmanuel, S. M. Manmiller, Y. Wu, M. O’Neil, J. Jia, I. Collins, M. Zhang, J. V. Thomas, L. M. Rost, S. Das, H. Parikh, J. M. Haake, G. L. Matters, R. C. Kurtz, W. R. Bamlet, A. Klein, R. Stolzenberg-Solomon, B. M. Wolphin, R. Yarden, Z. Wang, J. Smith, S. H. Olson, T. Andresson, G. M. Peterson, and L. T. Amundadottir. Functional characterization of a chr13q22.1 pancreatic cancer risk locus reveals long-range interaction and allele-specific effects on DIS3 expression. Human Molecular Genetics (2016) doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddw300.


Zhang, M., S. Lykke-Andersen, B. Zhu, W. Xiao, J. W. Hoskins, X. Zhang, L. M. Rost, I. Collins, M. V. Bunt, J. Jia, H. Parikh, T. Zhang, L. Song, A. Jermusyk, C. C. Chung, B. Zhu, W. Zhou, G. L. Matters, R. C. Kurtz, M. Yeager, T. H. Jensen, K. M. Brown, H. Ongen, W. R. Bamlet, B. A. Murray, M. I. McCarthy, S. J. Chanock, N. Chatterjee, B. M. Wolphin, J. P. Smith, S. H. Olson, G. M. Petersen, J. Shi, and L. T. Amundadottir. Characterizing cis-regulatory variation in the transcriptome of histologically normal and tumor-derived

pancreatic tissues. Gut (2017).


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