CRIO definitions and localization at Pitt, informed by the experience of University of Pittsburgh’s first Chief Research Informatics Officer (CRIO)

Seminar Date: 
Seminar Time: 
11am - 12pm
Seminar Location: 
5607 Baum Boulevard, Room 407A
Jonathan Silverstein, PhD

Biomedical informaticians are inter-disciplinarians. This is no more evident than in the role of the CRIO, which requires engagement in and support to dozens of sub-fields across clinical and basic endeavors in the health sciences. To be effective in collaboration and support as infrastructure to multiple projects, these many biomedical sciences must be tightly coupled to computational and information sciences, and focused on sustainable delivery of research services. Dr. Silverstein will offer his perspectives on definitions of the emerged role of CRIO and how to enable collaboration across a vast landscape of research activities via sustainable informatics support to research at Pitt.