Biomedical Informatics in Personalized Medicine and Risk Assessment

Seminar Date: 
Seminar Time: 
9am - 10am
Seminar Location: 
5607 Baum Boulevard, Room 407A
Nancy Lan Guo, PhD

The FDA and EPA have identified pharmacogenomics and toxicogenomics as key opportunities for personalized medicine and environmental risk assessment. The first decade in the 21st century has witnessed breakthroughs in molecular diagnosis and prognosis in cancer treatment.  It has now become increasingly important to transform environmental health protection by using high throughput assays to identify genomic biomarkers for personalized risk assessment. This talk will introduce two projects in Dr. Lan Guo’s group in Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center and School of Public Health at West Virginia University. The first project focuses on the identification of gene expression-based prognostic biomarkers for lung cancer prognosis and chemoresponse prediction. A lung cancer prognostic model combining clinical, pathological, and demographic information was developed based on SEER patient data, which will be integrated with the identified genetic biomarkers for clinical decision-making. The second project utilizes systems approaches to combine genomic analysis of in vivo animal studies, in vitro human cell studies, and patient samples to identify early genomic characteristics of multi-walled carbon nanotube-induced lung diseases, including fibrosis, a precursor to lung cancer.