A decision-theoretic model of disease surveillance and control and a prototype implementation for the disease influenza

M. Wagner et al., "A Decision-Theoretic Model of Disease Surveillance and Control and a Prototype Implementation for the Disease Influenza," Data Engineering Workshops (ICDEW), 2012 IEEE 28th International Conference on, Arlington, VA, 2012, pp. 49-54.
doi: 10.1109/ICDEW.2012.32

This paper first describes a decision-theoretic model of disease surveillance and control. It then describes a prototype system for influenza monitoring based on the model. The decision-theoretic model connects disparate work epidemiological modelling and disease control under a uniform mathematical formulation. We expect that this model will stimulate new avenues of research in both fields.

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Wagner MM, Cooper GF, Tsui FC, Espino JU, Harkerman H, Levander J, Villamarin R, Millett N, Brown S, Gallagher A.