A Survey of Blind Users on the Usability of Email Applications

Wentz B, Hochheiser H, Lazar J. 2013. A survey of blind users on the usability of email applications. Univers. Access Inf. Soc. 12, 3 (August 2013), 327-336. DOI=http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10209-012-0285-9

Blind users face many challenges and obstacles when using computers at home and in the workplace, including difficulties in accessing web sites and using corporate software. A detailed understanding of usability problems in common email applications can inform designs that will provide improved usability. To help understand the challenges faced, a web-based survey on email usage by blind screen reader users was conducted. This paper presents the results of the survey of 129 blind users, which reveal several important facets of email applications that can be improved for blind users. The paper also discusses the specific challenges that are faced by blind users when using desktop and web-based email software.

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Wentz B, Hochheiser H, Lazar J