Enhancing the Detection and Management of Adverse Drug Events in the Nursing Home

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05/01/2010 to 04/30/2014

The specific aims of this proposed project are to determine if nursing home (NH) patients managed by physicians who receive active medication monitoring alerts have more adverse drug effects (ADE) detected, have a faster ADE management response time, and can result in more cost-savings from a societal perspective compared to usual care.  The study includes a cluster randomized controlled trial among eighty-six NH physicians working in one of four NHs in Southwestern Pennsylvania. My role on the project is to assist with the design and implementation of the active medication monitoring intervention. Over the four years that I have participated on the project I have contributed algorithms and software for the computation component of the intervention, developed a process for reducing the work of consultant pharmacists within the intervention, and co-authored multiple manuscripts related to the project.