Secondary Use of Data for Research - EHR, Omics and Environmental Data

Shyam Visweswaran, Jessica Tenenbaum,  Ramkiran Gouripeddi at  Informatics Implementation - 2016 Joint Summits, March 2016

Modern healthcare transformation depends on having access to and understanding a composite ‘data picture’ of the person, cohort or population environment that is being treated. This understanding includes the sharing, aggregation of many data sources and the ability to reuse these data. This session will present three use cases: 1) electronic health records (EHR); 2) metabolomic and 3) environmental (exposome) as examples of secondary data use. The interactive learning session will feature “show-and-tell” style examples of best practices in the use of secondary data for research purposes from three of the leading informatics institutions in the United States. An emphasis will be placed on providing solutions that are generalizable across research settings.

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