The TRanslational Informatics Applied to Drug Safety (TRIADS) lab focuses on the design and evaluation of intelligent clinical decision support interventions, distributed and collaborative knowledge bases, and advanced pharmacovigilance signal detection management. Students in the lab navigate the challenging interactions that occur between intelligent systems development and clinical use cases. The lab has applied advanced computational methods to address difficult challenges such as detecting bleeding adverse drug events, automatically identifying drug safety signals, intelligent drug-drug interaction alerting, and identifying patients who have an addressable risk of falls. Research currently happening in the lab includes the application of literature-based discovery to address confounding in observational health data,  developing novel approaches to pharmacovigilance signal detection that use semantic predications extracted from the literature and drug product labeling, and developing shareable knowledge artifacts for drug-drug interaction alerts that are highly specific to individual patients.


Please e-mail Dr. Richard Boyce for more information or if you would like to attend TRIADS lab meetings.

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