Colombian Ministry of Health launches new mobile app based on NLP and data mining techniques, developed by alumnus Andres Mauricio Hernandez, MS

On March 29, the Colombian Ministry of Health will launch a mobile APP developed by alumnus Andres Mauricio Hernandez, MS and called "Clicsalud" that allows people to get access to a ranking of medication prices by lab, the quality of Colombian hospitals and information related to Zika and Chicungunya. The app also allows the patients to rank the health service that they received and make a complaint or request information directly to the Ministry of Health via the app.

Additionally, the app will use messages from the users to create an algorithm based on NLP (Natural language processing) and data mining techniques. This algorithm will allow them to establish which diseases are affecting Colombian people by geographical area, and to consolidate information for making better public policies for healthcare.

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Post Date: 
Friday, March 4, 2016