A Bayesian spatial scan statistic

Neill DB, Moore AW, Cooper GF. A Bayesian spatial scan statistic. In: Proceedings the Neural Information Processing Systems Conference (NIPS) (2005).

We propose a new Bayesian method for spatial cluster detection, the “Bayesian spatial scan statistic,” and compare this method to the standard (frequentist) scan statistic approach. We demonstrate that the Bayesian statistic has several advantages over the frequentist approach, including increased power to detect clusters and (since randomization testing is unnecessary) much faster runtime. We evaluate the Bayesian and frequentist methods on the task of prospective disease surveillance: detecting spatial clusters of disease cases resulting from emerging disease outbreaks. We demonstrate that our Bayesian methods are successful in rapidly detecting outbreaks while keeping number of false positives low

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Neill DB, Moore AW, Cooper GF.
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