A prototype expert system for statistical analysis

Aliferis CF, Chao E, Cooper GF. Data Explorer: A prototype expert system for statistical analysis. In: Proceedings of the Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care (1993) 389–393.  PMID: 8130501

The inadequate analysis ofmedical research data, due mainly to the unavailability of local statistical expertise, seriously jeopardizes the quality of new medical knowledge. Data Explorer is a prototype Expert System that builds on the versality andpower ofexisting statistical software, to provide automatic analyses and interpretation of medical data. The system draws much of its power by using belief network methods in place of more tradifional, but difficult to automate, classical mulfivariate statistical techniques. Data Explorer identifies stafistically significant relationships among variables, and using power-size analysis, beliefnetwork inference/learning and various explanatory techniques helps the user understand the importance of the findings. Finally the system can be used as a tool for the automatic development ofpredictive! diagnostic models from patient databases.

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Aliferis CF, Chao E, Cooper GF.
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