UPMC eSTATS Analytics and MedCalc 3000 Decision Support Databases

Seminar Date: 
Seminar Time: 
11am - 12pm
Seminar Location: 
5607 Baum Boulevard, Room 407A
Louis Leff, MD, FACP

Abstract: UPMC has collected data on EHR use since the mid 2000’s, initially tracking the adoption of computerized provider order entry at UPMC hospitals. CPOE use data was extracted from the Cerner EHR and collated in a custom database called eSTATS. By 2009 eSTATS grew to include information about the vast collection of UPMC order sets and their use patterns at UPMC. Soon, a comprehensive order set development and management interface was added to eSTATS, and eSTATS now serves as the down-time solution to order set access should Cerner EHR be unavailable.

The eSTATS order set management system has been integrated with the MedCalc 3000 decision support system, allowing incorporation of decision support tools into the meta-data of individual ordersets. MedCalc 3000 is a unique computerized medical reference and tool set encompassing a wide array of pertinent medical formulae, clinical criteria sets and decision tree analysis tools used every day by clinicians, medical educators, nurses and health care students of all types. MedCalc 3000 is developed by a small software firm in Pittsburgh, and it was recently chosen by the Cerner corporation as their medical calculator solution.

In 2011 eSTATS expanded again, collecting all inpatient encounter orders as well as de-identified patient demographics, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, and disposition information, resulting in a very rich database of practice patterns. With eSTATS we can analyze the effect of ordering patterns on disease management,  outcome, length of stay, mortality and much more. As of September 2014, eSTATS contained 61,895,607 orders from 583,913 encounters, involving 33,168 providers at 12 facilities.

eSTATS and MedCalc 3000 databases will be demonstrated, and we will discuss potential collaboration between UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh Biomedical Informatics program.