Why Pitt DBMI? - Why Pittsburgh?

Pitt DBMI Related Centers and Programs


Center for Causal Discovery (CCD)

       Website: http://www.ccd.pitt.edu/    

       Center for Causal Discovery Brochure

Center for Commercial Applications of Healthcare Data (CCA)

       HDA 2016 funded projects 


       Website: http://www.ccri.thevislab.com/ 


       Website: http://rio.pitt.edu/

Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study (MIDAS)

       Website: http://www.epimodels.org/

       MIDAS Informatics Services Group (ISG) Description

PaTH Clinical Data Research Network

       PaTH: towards a learning health system in the Mid-Atlantic region

Accrual of patients to Clinical Trials (ACT) network

       Website: https://www.actnetwork.us

Center for Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Informatics (CAICI) 

       Website: http://www.caici.thevislab.com/doku.php

National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank (NMVB)

       Website: https://mesotissue.org       

Machine Leaning in Medicine Seminar Series

      Website:  http://ml-in-medicine.org/

Computer Science, Biology and Biomedical Informatics (CoSBBI)

       Website: http://faculty.dbmi.pitt.edu/cosbbi/

       CoSBBI High School Summer Academy 2016                       

CoSBBI Brochure  


Internship in Biomedical Research, Informatics and Computer Science (iBRIC)

       Website: http://faculty.dbmi.pitt.edu/cosbbi/ibric2016 


       Website: http://scivelo.pitt.edu/    

Pitt DBMI Labs


The Vis Lab

      Website: http://www.thevislab.com/

The Wright Lab

      Website: http://www.wrightlabscience.com/p/index.html

Senathirajah Interaction Lab


The Batmanghelich Lab