Two DBMI Publications Win Distinguished Paper Awards at AMIA STB 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Boyce and his collaborators and Dr. Shyam Visweswaran and his collaborators for their publications that won a "Distinguished Paper Award" at the AMIA Summit on Translational Bioinformatics conference held in San Francisco in March 2013. 


Boyce, R. Freimuth, R., Romagnoli, K., Pummer, T., Hochheiser, H., Empey, P. Toward Semantic Modeling of Pharmacogenomic Knowledge for Clinical and Translational Decision Support.


Bhavnani S.K., Drake, J.A., Bellala, G., Dang, B., Peng, B., Oteo, J.A., Santibañez-Saenz, P., Visweswaran, S., Olano, J.P. How Cytokines Co-occur across Rickettsioses Patients: From Bipartite Visual Analytics to Mechanistic Inferences of a Cytokine Storm.

Post Date: 
Tuesday, April 2, 2013