Roger S. Day, ScD

Research Interests: 
  • High throughput identifier mapping
  • Ethical design and execution of clinical trials
  • Applications of biostatistics in cancer research 
  • Software architecture for comprehensive modeling and validation
  • Multi-scale modeling in cancer
  • Strategies for overcoming drug resistance in cancer
  • How pharmaceutical and biological interactions should be statistically modeled

Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Selected Publications: 

Lisovich,A. and Day,R.S. The IdMappingAnalysis package: critically comparing identifier maps retrieved from bioinformatics annotation resources.  R package Version 1.1.1., in Bioconductor Release 2.11, 2012.

Maxwell GL,  HoodBL, DayR, et al.  Proteomic analysis of stage I endometrial cancer tissue: Identification of proteins associated with oxidative processes  and inflammation.  Gynecol Oncol.2011. Jun 1;121(3):586-94.Epub 2011 Apr1.PMCID:PMC21458040

DayRS,McDade KK,Chandran UR, Lisovich A, ConradsTP, Hood BL,Kumar Kolli VS,KirchnerD, Litzi T, Maxwell GL. Identifier performance for integrating ranscriptomics and proteomics experimental results.  BMC Bioinformatics.2011May27;12(1):213.PMCID:PMC3124437

Lisovich,A. and Day,R.S. The IdMappingRetrieval package inBioconductor: Collecting and caching identifier mappings from online sources. R package Version 1.3.1, in Bioconductor Release 2.9, 2011.

Wang M, Day RS.  Adaptive Bayesian design for phase I dose-finding trials using a joint model of response and toxicity.   2010 Jan.  J Bioppharm Stat. 20(1), 125-44.

Day R.  Failsafe automation of Phase II clinical trial interim monitoring for stopping rules. Clin Trials 2010, 7(1), 78-84.