Roger S. Day, ScD

Room 532
5607 Baum Boulevard
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Research Interests: 
  • High throughput identifier mapping
  • Ethical design and execution of clinical trials
  • Applications of biostatistics in cancer research 
  • Software architecture for comprehensive modeling and validation
  • Multi-scale modeling in cancer
  • Strategies for overcoming drug resistance in cancer
  • How pharmaceutical and biological interactions should be statistically modeled
Associate Professor, (Emeritus status in process)
Department of Biomedical Informatics
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Selected Publications: 

McDade KK, Chandran U, Day RS. Improving Cancer Gene Expression Data Quality through a TCGA Data-Driven Evaluation of Identifier Filtering. Cancer Informatics, 2015. PMID: 26715829 PMCID: PMC4686346

Lisovich,A. and Day,R.S. The IdMappingAnalysis package: critically comparing identifier maps retrieved from bioinformatics annotation resources.  R package Version 1.1.1., in Bioconductor Release 2.11, 2012.

Maxwell GL,  HoodBL, DayR, et al.  Proteomic analysis of stage I endometrial cancer tissue: Identification of proteins associated with oxidative processes  and inflammation.  Gynecol Oncol.2011. Jun 1;121(3):586-94.Epub 2011 Apr1.PMCID:PMC21458040

DayRS,McDade KK,Chandran UR, Lisovich A, ConradsTP, Hood BL,Kumar Kolli VS,KirchnerD, Litzi T, Maxwell GL. Identifier performance for integrating ranscriptomics and proteomics experimental results.  BMC Bioinformatics.2011May27;12(1):213.PMCID:PMC3124437

Day RS, McDade KK, Chandran UR, Lisovich A, Conrads TP, Hood BL, Kolli VS, Kirchner D, Litzi T, Maxwell GL. (2011). Identifier mapping performance for integrating transcriptomics and proteomics experimental results. BMC Bioinformatics, 12, 213. PMID: 21619611 PMCID: PMC3124437

Lisovich,A. and Day,R.S. The IdMappingRetrieval package inBioconductor: Collecting and caching identifier mappings from online sources. R package Version 1.3.1, in Bioconductor Release 2.9, 2011.

Wang M, Day RS.  Adaptive Bayesian design for phase I dose-finding trials using a joint model of response and toxicity.   2010 Jan.  J Bioppharm Stat. 20(1), 125-44.

Day R.  Failsafe automation of Phase II clinical trial interim monitoring for stopping rules. Clin Trials 2010, 7(1), 78-84.