DeepPhe: A Natural Language Processing System for Extracting Cancer Phenotypes from Clinical Records

Precise phenotype information is needed to understand the effects of genetic and epigenetic changes on tumor behavior and responsiveness. Extraction and representation of cancer phenotypes is currently mostly performed manually, making it difficult to correlate phenotypic data to genomic data. In addition, genomic data are being produced at an increasingly faster pace, exacerbating the problem. The DeepPhe software enables automated extraction of detailed phenotype information from electronic medical records of cancer patients. The system implements advanced Natural Language Processing and knowledge engineering methods within a flexible modular architecture, and was evaluated using a manually annotated dataset of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center breast cancer patients. The resulting platform provides critical and missing computational methods for computational phenotyping. Working in tandem with advanced analysis of high-throughput sequencing, these approaches will further accelerate the transition to precision cancer treatment.

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Guergana K. Savova, Eugene Tseytlin, Sean Finan, Melissa Castine, Timothy Miller, Olga Medvedeva, David Harris, Harry Hochheiser, Chen Lin, Girish Chavan and Rebecca S. Jacobson
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