Online Certificate Program

Biomedical Informatics Online Certificate Program

The Biomedical Informatics Online Certificate Program is a 15 credit (minimum) experience. The Certificate program will serve students with a wide variety of goals and backgrounds, including those with interest in Pathology Informatics, Dental Informatics and Global Health Informatics. For this reason, each certificate trainee’s program of study will be developed in collaboration with, and with the approval of, his/her biomedical informatics advisor.

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The curriculum of all students in this program will have the following general structure:

Biomedical Informatics Core

(Students select 5 courses, each 3 credits, in consultation with their advisor.)

BIOINF 2011: Foundations of Clinical and Public Health Informatics (3 credits)

BIOINF 2117: Applied Medical Informatics (3 credits)

BIOINF 2122: Critical Reflections on Biomedical Informatics (3 credits)

BIOINF 2123: Terminology and Coding (3 credits)

BIOINF 2110: Software Project Engineering Concepts in Health Care (3 credits)

BIOINF 2024: Project Design and Data Analysis (3 credits)


Dental Informatics Track only

(Students in the Dental Informatics (DI) track substitute two of the above courses except “Foundations of Health Informatics” and “Critical Reflection on Biomedical Informatics”) with:

BIOINF 2204: Introduction to Health Information Technology in Dentistry (3 credits)

BIOINF 2202: Dental Informatics Seminar (3 credits)


Pathology Informatics Track only

(Students in the Pathology Informatics (PI) track substitute two of the above courses except “Foundations of Health  Informatics” and “Critical Reflection on Biomedical Informatics”) with:

BIOINF 2127: Fundamentals of Pathology Informatics (3 credits)

BIOINF 2128: Advanced Topics in Pathology Informatics (3 credits)


Global Health Informatics Track only

(Students in the Global Health Informatics track substitute two of the above courses except “Foundations of Health  Informatics” and “Critical Reflection on Biomedical Informatics”) with

BIOINF 2124: Principles of Global Health Informatics

BIOINF 2129: Summer Internship in Global Health Informatics


Additional Requirements

Instruction in the Responsible Conduct of Research

This requirement must be satisfied within the first month of beginning any academic program at DBMI.
Students are required to complete the following at

1. Biomedical Researchers (includes fellows, residents, and medical students) - Basic/Refresher, Basic Course

2. Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research, RCR

See instructions on how to get started here:


Technology Requirements this Program 

Web browser
If you are visiting CourseWeb, then you have a web browser already. There are a number of options for a web browser including:
Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:


PDF file reader
Many of the readings for the course will be in .pdf format, so you will need a pdf reader. The most common reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Adobe Reader:


Adobe Flash
Adobe Flash is a web technology that allows your web browser to access certain content.
Adobe Flash:


Asynchronous interactions
In order to communicate with your instructors and your peers, you will need a functional Email account which you check regularly. Examples for free email accounts include:


Synchronous peer & instructor interactions (optional)
Most instructors prefer to use Skype which is a software used to communicate with others over the Internet. It has voice and video features. You will have to sign up for a free account ( if you do not have a Skype account already.
Sometimes, we might use Google Hangout:
for which you need a free Google account with Google+ enabled:


Webcam (optional)
As some interactions between peers and instructors are facilitated by video, a Webcam is a good addition. Any kind will do, no specific requirements. In addition to the webcam you will need video recording and basic editing software, which is normally included with your webcam. Examples for basic editing software include: 
iMovie for the Mac:
Movie Maker  for the PC: